TED video roundup: Sustainability talks

With increasing demands upon the world’s diminishing resources we are all faced with questions of sustainability. How do we feed and clothe a growing global population? How can we adjust our behaviours to cope with climate change?

Conventional thinking on these issues may have largely failed us but the following three TED videos approach these deep seated problems from another angle. What if we grew our own meat and clothes? What if we planned how to positively live with climate change?

If we choose to think differently then sustainability can become a reality.

Carolynne Alexander (Attendee 2015)

Suzanne Lee: Grow your own clothes

I have chosen this because the clothing industry is the second largest polluting industry. Makers and manufacturers must look into alternative sources of fabric and this could be one of the answers. It’s in its early stages but I’m excited to see how it could be developed in the future.

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Phillip Moriarty (Speaker 2014, Volunteer 15, )

Andras Forgacs: Leather and meat without killing animals

The idea that we could grow leather and meat without killing animals is one I find fascinating. I should admit that I’m vegetarian so am perhaps not the most ‘disinterested’ of viewers…

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Emma Seward (Volunteer 2015)

Alice Bows-Larkin: Climate change is happening. Here’s how we adapt

Alice makes some fantastic points in this presentation about the real changes that we all need to make if we are to avoid a catastrophic rise in global temperatures. I must say I quite like the idea of ‘planned austerity’ – not in the sense of that which we are said to be experiencing at the moment as a result of government policy, but a return to a simpler life. Holidaying at home, more time outdoors and less screen time, more homegrown food and less meat production, a reduced focus on money and wealth, and more time spent on the things that make us happy.

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