Derby Service Jam

If you’re interested in service design then you might like to take part in the Derby Ram Jam, which is part of the Global Service Jam. The Derby Ram Jam is organised by Jean Mutton and Clare Foyle and will be held over the weekend of the 26th-28th February at QUAD.

What is the Global Service Jam?

One weekend each year, people who are interested in applying design techniques to services and improving customer experience meet in Derby, in a spirit of experimentation, innovation, co-operation and friendly competition to develop and prototype a completely new service.

How does it work?

Teams have less than 48 hours to create this new service inspired by a shared SECRET theme. At the end of the weekend, their collection of brand new services will be published to the world.

You’ll be working with people you might never have met before, bouncing ideas off one another and building on what bounces back. And it’s not just talking – you are here to turn your ideas into a concrete design, prototype and plan of action which you or somebody else might want to make real. Can you prototype and plan it in a way that someone could go out and make it real, knowing what resources they would need, what they should do, and who they should talk to?

  • Do I need to bring anything? No – just your good self!
  • Do I need to know anything about Service Design? No – that is what the weekend is all about
  • Who will be there? People like you – with an interest in how to change the world and make things better!


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