TED video roundup: Social and community talks

Our world is changing at dizzying speed. Expansion of the human population is placing unprecedented demands upon our resources. Around three quarters of all people are now members of the global online community. The way we think and live is undergoing a transformation. With change comes both the opportunity to build better societies but also the risk that we lose the essence of our communities.

The talks nominated below offer hope, inspiration and humour – factors we should all embrace in our shared journey.

John Crowther (Volunteer 2014, 2015)

Ivan Coyote: Why we need gender-neutral bathrooms

This talk about gender-neutral bathrooms achieves two things that I often look for in TED talks: I enjoy listening to someone talk passionately about something I know little about, and I like a talk that makes me think. This talk was the first time I heard someone explain the importance of gender-neutral toilets, and I challenge anyone to watch it without agreeing that the world could be made a little bit better by having more of them.

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Ben Twose (Attendee 2016)

Toby Eccles: Invest in social change

I found this to be a very interesting talk about social change. Toby offers a way for investors to help fund initiatives that have a social goal. I thought this was great as it encourages innovation on how these issues are tackled. If the initiative is successful it has a positive social impact and everyone benefits.

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Steven Ready (TED enthusiast)

Renny Gleeson: Our antisocial phone tricks

I liked this talk because we are all guilty of using phones when we should be concentrating on the people who we are with. Renny asks us to shape the way we use mobile technology so that we behave more like humans and not less.